How does it work?

MIRROR is a social network focused on fashion and style, where you can share your outfits and be inspired by those of your friends or those of the most famous influencers.

It is a platform that makes luxury affordable thanks to which you can buy the most popular items of the moment at the most advantageous price on the market

Buy the garments of our selected boutiques directly without ever leaving our app and without sharing your personal information with others

Born to inspire

MIRROR was born to share looks, mixing together products in combinations that are always unique and new.

Every day you can share your look with all your friends and inspire them with your unique style.

We are sure that your good taste will conquer them too.

Inspire look with the MIRROR social ecommerce app
Make money with App Mirror social ecommerce

How can I earn on Mirror?

MIRROR allows you to transform your social interactions into spendable credit for the purchase of the most trendy products from the most popular brands.

On MIRROR you will be able to acquire credits through the publication of a content, for each like received and for each share you make on the other social networks.

We have given a value to every action you carry out on our app and we have created a unique algorithm that equitably redistributes the value of sharing.

Guadagna caricando i tuoi contenuti su App Mirror social ecommerce

1 €

For each original photo upload on MIRROR

Guadagna condividendo i tuoi contenuti su App Mirror social ecommerce

1 €

Every time you share a MIRROR content on the other social networks

Guadagna dai like che ricevi sulle tue foto da App Mirror social ecommerce

5 cent/€

For each like received to your post

Guadagna dai commenti che ricevi sulle tue foto da App Mirror social ecommerce

10 cent/€

For each comment received to your post

Guadagna invitando i tuoi amici su App Mirror social ecommerce

50 €

For each friend you take on MIRROR

Mirror applicazione guadagna dalle interazioni social

Together with this you will be able to take advantage of belonging to a community because MIRROR returns, every day, the 25% of the profits coming from product sales to all users, even to those who did not buy any product.

Buy in a tap

MIRROR is the first social e-commerce platform that lets you buy your favourite fashion items without ever leaving the app and without the need to share your own personal details with any other ecommerce.

Keep your personal information safe and manage all your order from one screen.

Mirror social ecommerce app for iOS and Android. Share the outfits and earn
Become an influencer with the MIRROR social ecommerce app

Be the next influencer

MIRROR collaborates with hundreds of influencers from all over the world, but is at the same time a new and inclusive platform that gives everyone the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

We select the profiles with the highest engagement every month and transform them into profiles with higher visibility.

MIRROR influencers get free access to our selected boutiques in order to try and share the products on which they are most identified on our platform.

The contents of the influencers are associated with the products so that they can be purchased immediately without ever leaving the app.

For every purchase made through shared content, the influencer earns a percentage of the total value of the product.

Our brands

The products selected by MIRROR and available for purchase belong to the latest collections of the most famous brands.

We do not sell residual stock or past collections but we are the platform that is most keen to offer the newest product on the market.

Alongside the most famous brands, we select emerging talents from the fashion industry, giving space and visibility to small companies that stand out for their unique style and high quality products.

MIRROR is therefore the social e-commerce platform that researches and anticipates trends and allows you to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends.

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